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Executive Chef


Born in Chiba, Japan.

Worked several restaurants in TOKYO.

Moved to France and worked in several restaurants

「Le jardin des remparts (Bourgogne, Beaune) and

Restaurant in Champagne (FRANCE)

Back to JAPAN,

worked at「Restaurant French dining」(TOKYO) / Chef

「OTAKI Herb garden」(CHIBA / First specialty herb garden in Japan ) Chef

「CROSS TOKYO」(TOKYO) Director of I. P. S. inc / Executive chef

「MOSS CROSS TOKYO」(TOKYO/ Hotel Fraser suites Akasaka Tokyo ) Executive chef

「MOSS okinawa」(OKINAWA / Hotel Strata NAHA )

Executive chef & Head chef of CROSS group which has 5 restaurants.

「MOSS CROSS TOKYO singapore」(SINGAPORE / Hotel Capri by Fraser) Executive chef

Together with Inoue, he is also involved in consulting, producing restaurant openings, rebranding, and other activities. As the executive chef of the 5 group restaurants, he supervises each restaurant. He Visited to the producers all over Japan, learn about their cultures, enjoy authentic foods there, appreciate them. Then he is involved in the development of products and menus by creating original recipes. Also actively participate in regional revitalization projects and reconstruction support projects as a chef.


General Manager / Chef Sommelier


Born in Yamagata, Japan.
Work at a variety of restaurant after graduation at Tsuji culinary school.

French Restaurant「Restaurant-I」( Tokyo, Japan ) Cuisine et Service

1 star ☆ Michelin (The MICHELIN guide Tokyo)

Restaurant「CROSS TOKYO」( Tokyo, Japan ) Sommelier / Service

Australia ・Vineyard job 「CAPE MENTELLE」「VOYAGER ESTATE」

・winemaking 「SI VINTNERS」

New Zealand ・Vineyard job「TERRA SANCTA」

・natural wine bar 「Cave a vin」/ Sommelier

modern Japanese cuisine 「MOSS CROSS TOKYO」(Fraser suites Akasaka Tokyo, Japan ) General manager / Chef Sommelier

Work as general manager of CROSS group in various restaurants.

「MOSS CROSS TOKYO singapore」(SINGAPORE / Hotel Capri by Fraser) General manager / Chef Sommelier

■Qualifications:Wine Sommelier, Sake sommelier, WSET level 3 (international wine license), Food organizer,


Branding Director


Born in Fukuoka, Japan.

Ristorante BASTA PASTA N.Y.( New York, USA )

Service&wine manager

Back to JAPAN. worked at variety of restaurant in Tokyo, Japan


1 star ☆ Michelin / Chef de rang = Front of house manager

Restaurant Georges Marceau( Fukuoka, Japan )

General manager

Restaurant-I ( Tokyo, Japan ) 1 star ☆ Michelin (The MICHELIN guide Tokyo)

ACCELAIRE inc, / CEO & General manager

Foundation, ing inc, (TOKYO) / CEO

「CROSS TOKYO」( 2012 / Tokyo ), 「CROSS 47」( 2018 / Okinawa ), 「MOSS okinawa」( 2022 / Okinawa),

「CROSS WONDER DINING」( 2020 / Fukushima ), 「MOSS CROSS TOKYO akasaka」( 2020 / Tokyo)

「GRILL POT HOUSE」( 2022 / food lab / Tokyo ),「fine 47」( 2022 / okinawa),「&CROSS」( 2020 / E-commerce food website )

「MOSS CROSS TOKYO singapore」( 2023 / Singapore) 「MOSS CROSS TOKYO shibuya」( 2024 Grand opening )

Inoue is supervising several companies for F&B branding, food business start-up consulting, rebranding for work, E-commerce product development, and give a lecture about dietary education at local governments event and schools. Also director of Sports Partners Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) which is developing a soccer school for Japanese children under the Liverpool FC brand of the Premier League.

■Qualifications:Master of medicinal cooking, Master of medical herb liqueur,

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