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Philosophy of MOSS


The elegant appearance of “MOSS” is a symbol of the Japanese sense of aesthetics,

which is represented by the Wabi-Sabi spirit.

Deep, astringent yellow-green moss is the unsung hero of Japanese gardens and bonsai.

It becomes the support that weaves eternal time.


The great artisans who work together with us, our valued customers, and the main host at the celebration banquet,

If they are gorgeous flowers, we are the “MOSS” that complements those gorgeous flowers.


Reflecting the aesthetics of moss in the worldview of food, MOSS CROSS TOKYO will become a place where

a wide variety of people, things, and events cross and interact and create important relationships.


The symbol “Takaramusubi” comes from the shape of the decorative knot used to wrap <treasures>.

It is an auspicious emblem that means endless continuity and wishes for eternal prosperity, longevity, and happiness.

It also shows respect for the producers' precious <treasures>.





そんな苔の美学を⾷の世界観に反映しつつ、MOSS CROSS TOKYOは多種多様なヒト・モノ・コトが交差交流し⼤切なご縁を紡いでいく場所となります。



_MOSS CROSS TOKYO at Capri by Fraser in SG.jpg
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